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Author, Janine "Mama J" Richards

"From teething toys to sugar rags used in centuries past, to today’s rubber pacifiers, children all over the world continue to need pacifiers," says Author Janine "Mama J" Richards. Known as Mama J to her grandchildren, in her debut children's book, Janine shows how a pacifier is desired to soothe infants and toddlers across many families. "Love absolutely makes the world go round and similar experiences where belly laughs arise will forever connect us all." 


Prior to Covid-19, Janine crafted family success messages for a non-profit dedicated to changing lives and expectations. She currently works as an Instructional Library Assistant in a school district. Written for parents, grandparents, and families all over the world, Janine has more books on the horizon to show how families share many experiences and loves alike. 

Born and raised in the beautiful St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Janine is a beloved mother of three, a grandMama to two girls, and a West Indian Crucian soul at heart. She currently resides in the cultural  San Antonio, Texas. 

Illustrator, Edgar Ortiz

Edgar Ortiz is a graphic designer and illustrator from Belton, Texas. He now resides in San Antonio. He has illustrated children's books for non-profits and charities, taught middle school and high school art, and designed graphics for several education and health companies.

Edgar's creative experience spans the gamut - website design, print design, illustration, brand strategy, brand creative, logo designs, and development. He has worked on projects for clients in Central Texas, Mexico, and Tanzania, along with designs for friends, and family.


Drawing has been in Edgar's spirit for as long as he can remember. As an artist, he is able to use his passion in a way that helps others fulfill theirs.


More information on Edgar and his current projects can be found on

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